Sheet Metal fabrication

Mechanical Power Press


Any Metal Sheet with FORCE or Press, changes its shape and for the creation of that force we use power press, our press shop is equipped with Mechanical Power Press in the range of 5 Tons to 150 Tons in both Single and Double Action press type with “C” & “H” Frames. Our Press Shop is capable of handling various sheet metals with thickness ranging from 0.3 mm to 5 mm.  

CNC Press Brake


 Bending a sheet metal to its desire shape between to points along the length from just a few mm across to sections many meters long with an aid of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) making the bending process more versatile, efficient and accurate and thus improving the aesthetic of the product. Our machine can bend sheet thickness up-to 2 mm of Mild Steel and 1.6 mm of Stainless Steel. 

Hydraulic Deep Drawing


“Deep” the process is considered when the material drawing depth exceeds its diameter. The hydraulic deep drawing press ranges from 10 Tons to 300 Tons has a capacity of drawing any sheet metal of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Our Hydraulic press capacity applies to various industries. Our expertise lies in drawing Stainless Steel and Aluminium sheets of varying thickness ranging from 0.4 mm to 4 mm.

Metal Casting

Aluminium HPDC


“Lightweight Metal” “Complex Shape” “High Volume” answer to it:- "Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)". With changing requirement and needs of the customers, we have equipped and adapted our foundry with the latest technology and system, for better service and development of new products at a much higher phase. Our HPDC machine has a capacity of 120 Tons, with an electrical furnace for uniform and faster heating of the metal.

Brass Gravity Casting


 Brass metal conversion to desire shape using Sand Casting or Gravity Casting. With high thermal conductivity, brass is utilized in the appliances industry for more energy efficiency and durability. Brass casting foundry equipped with charcoal furnace with various capacity crucibles, sand muller and mold boxes enhances our foundry to accommodate any brass component to be casted. We are equipped to handle 30 to 40 tons of brass every month. 

Shell Mould CI Casting


Our Foundry enhanced its capacity by adapting to Shell Molding process to cast both ferrous and non-ferrous material with high level of accuracy and with high productivity rate. Shell Molding process with the flexibility of storing indefinitely enhances the casting process more flexible and scheduled for better productivity. Shell Molding is most economic way of producing low-medium weight parts. Our foundry is presently casting brass metal and cast iron using shell molding process. 

Final Finishing

Metal Coating/Finish


“First impression is the best impression”, keeping this in mind to give the best aesthetic to the metal products, we have in-house stainless steel processing, powder coating, shot-blasting process and electro plating process to enhance the look of the products and to give a better durability & lifespan. We have LPG fired furnace for the powder coating treatment and high power motors for finishing stainless steel and Aluminium products of any shape and size. 

Precision CNC Machining


Quality is measured with accuracy and consistency, for achieving the same we are well equipped with branded CNC & NC machines to achieve better repeatability and high productivity of the products. CNC Machine allows us to accommodate wider products with variety task with greater accuracy. Precision machining of the brass and cast iron components using CNC, gives us higher confidence on our products performance at customers end. 

Final Product Assembly


 Our assembly lines is segmented into specialized competency area that accommodate a wide variety of products. Our smarter, faster, lighter Final Product Assembly line lowers the time and cost to manufacture new products. We provide end-to-end assembly for industry leaders in consumer products. Our appliances and final products are endowed with top of the class features like extended durability, effective performance, and aesthetic looks.